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Fire Alarm and Detection System
We at Surya Fire Control provide our clients supply, installation training & maintenance of Addressable fire alarm system & Conventional system.
Fire detection and notification systems more commonly referred to as fire alarm system. Fire alarm systems are installed to provide building occupants an early warning of a fire.
Fire alarm systems are comprised of pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct detectors, speaker/strobes, and/or horns and strobes. A fire alarm system can be activated in many ways. Some examples include pulling a fire alarm pull station or detection of smoke or heat. A fire alarm system can also be activated by flow and tamper switches connected to a fire sprinkler system that detect water flow.
Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
Addressable fire alarm systems give information about individual detectors; Addressable systems are usually wired in a loop. Addressable systems provide exact detector location in the event of activation
It is a system, which detects fire early, wherein all loop devices in the system are individually addressed to provide the panel with absolute unique identification of each device. The system monitors any changes caused by dust or smoke and then adjusts the calibration accordingly to maintain each sensor at its original sensitivity. The system carries out a self-test automatically every 24 hours, as well as separate adjustment for day and night. The system can be integrated along with building management system, CCTV and Access Control systems ensuring total safety and security at one central monitoring station.
Where can fire alarm system be installed

Small Offices

Residential & commercial buildings


Factories, Malls & Hotels
Conventional System
Conventional systems only give information about specific circuits (zones).Conventional will only let you know the "zone" or string of detectors attached on a single circuit. In a conventional system the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used. Conventional system is Cost effective for small applications
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